Product Manager Job Description Template/Brief

We're looking for an experienced product manager to head our cross-functional development team. You are a highly talented market analyst with a demonstrated ability to strategize the whole product lifecycle - from conception to release. You will have a good eye for holes in consumer product offerings and the inventive mentality to fill them as an excellent candidate.

You may already be a self-assured leader with a track record of successfully managing cross-functional teams to develop products that improve user experience and increase market share.

Product Manager Job Profile

The Product Manager is in charge of both product planning and marketing. This implicates handling the product throughout its lifecycle, collecting and prioritizing development and consumer needs, creating the product idea, and cooperating closely with engineers to develop winning products. It also entails collaborating with sales, marketing, and support to meet revenue and customer satisfaction targets.

The Product Manager's responsibilities further include ensuring that the company's overall strategy and goals are supported by the product and marketing initiatives.

Reports To

  • CTO
  • CEO
  • Business Lead

Product Manager Responsibilities

  • Oversee product development, strategy, and redesign from idea to market launch, including development, manufacturing, and distribution
  • Create goods by finding viable products, doing market research, generating product needs, developing marketing strategies, and determining specifications, manufacturing timelines, pricing, and time-integrated product launch plans
  • Determine the wants and wishes of customers by describing the research required to gain market intelligence
  • Make recommendations on the nature and breadth of current and future product lines by examining product specifications and requirements, evaluating new product ideas, and/or making product or packaging adjustments
  • Evaluate market competitiveness by comparing the company's product to the products of rivals
  • By setting product marketing communication objectives, you may provide source data for product line communications
  • Increase product market share by developing product sales strategy in collaboration with the sales director
  • Evaluate sales call results and product market data by calling on clients with field salespeople
  • Provide management with information by generating short-term and long-term product sales predictions and special reports, as well as analyzing and responding to inquiries and requests
  • Make inventory turnover and product availability easier by analyzing and modifying inventory levels and manufacturing schedules
  • Bring new goods to market by reviewing proposed product needs and product development plans, preparing return-on-investment studies, and working with engineers and production to set time schedules
  • Introduce and sell new items by developing time-bound strategies for sales, promotion, and manufacture
  • Determine product price by doing market research, reviewing manufacturing and sales expenses, forecasting volume, and pricing special and customized orders
  • Collaborate with marketing and sales to achieve product success and market expansion
  • Plan, monitor, and evaluate job performance to recruit, train, and manage a product team
  • Complete operational needs and achieve product development deadlines by scheduling and allocating people, as well as following up on work outcomes, such as quality control and testing
  • Identify and manage existing and new product collaborations
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge through participating in educational programmes, reviewing professional publications and material, and joining professional associations

Product Manager Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in product design or engineering is required
  • Extensive experience in a fast-paced product management job
  • Demonstrated experience managing all aspects of the product development lifecycle
  • Highly successful management of cross-functional teams
  • Prior experience developing and executing precisely targeted product marketing strategies
  • Excellent writing and editing abilities, as well as great presenting and public speaking abilities
  • Previous experience with software and web development
  • Demonstrated experience as a non-managerial product developer
  • Proven expertise in SEM and internet advertising