Network Administrator Job Description Template/Brief

Our organisation is searching for a network administrator to manage the day-to-day operations of our computer networks. You will be responsible for managing digital security and maintaining to guarantee that the system is functioning correctly. You will also be responsible for installing hardware and software as needed.

Network Administrator Job Profile

A network administrator is an IT professional who administers a company's network. The network administrator must have a high degree of technological expertise and is often the most senior level technical work within a particular firm. Network administrators keep networks functioning and monitor network services and operations.

A network administrator is in the direction of installing, maintaining, and upgrading any software or hardware necessary to run a computer network properly. The information technology or computer network may include a local area network, a vast area network, the Internet, and intranets.

Reports To

  • Chief Technology Officer

Network Administrator Responsibilities

  • Assist in the design and deployment of networks
  • Provide network support for a wide range of operating systems
  • Set up and configure computer network hardware
  • Keep all computer workstations connected to the network
  • Assist people with network issues
  • Keep servers and related hardware, software, services, and settings in good working order
  • Create and enforce network resource usage restrictions
  • Manage and implement disaster recovery and backup
  • Assess and recommend security updates and system upgrades
  • Keep an eye on the network to ensure peak performance
  • Set up and manage network users and permissions
  • Test product releases to minimise user impact and assure compatibility
  • Write technical documentation for systems and applications

Network Administrator Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related discipline
  • Demonstrated experience as a network administrator
  • Practical knowledge of networking, routing and switching
  • Extensive understanding of best practices for server infrastructure administration, control, and monitoring
  • Previous experience with firewalls, remote Internet VPN deployment, troubleshooting, and issue resolution is preferred
  • Knowledge of how to install and setup server hardware
  • Working knowledge of backup and recovery software and procedures
  • Excellent at organisation, prioritisation, and multitasking
  • Juniper, Cisco, CWNA, or BCNE certification training