Machine Learning Engineer Job Description Template/Brief

We are seeking a Machine Learning (ML) Engineer to assist us in developing artificial intelligence products.

The tasks of a Machine Learning Engineer include developing machine learning models and retraining systems. To execute this work successfully, you must have great statistics and programming abilities. We'd want to meet you if you're also knowledgeable in data science and software engineering.

Your ultimate objective will be to design and construct effective self-learning apps.

Machine Learning Engineer Job Profile

Machine learning engineers are responsible for putting data into machine learning models and deploying these models in production.

Ingestion and preparation of data is a tricky task. It must be automatically processed, cleansed, and prepared to meet the data format and other model criteria. The data may originate from several sources, and it could be flowing in real-time.

Deployment takes a prototype model created in a development environment and scales it to serve actual consumers. This may need running the model on more powerful hardware, offering access via APIs, and allowing for model upgrades and retraining with new data.

Reports To

  • CTO

Machine Learning Engineer Responsibilities

  • Comprehend and apply elements of computer science, such as data structures, algorithms, computability and complexity, and computer architecture
  • Exceptional mathematical abilities are required to do computations and deal with the algorithms involved in this sort of programming
  • Generate project outcomes and highlight issues that must be rectified to improve programme effectiveness
  • Work with data engineers to create data and model pipelines; manage the infrastructure and data pipelines required to deliver code to production
  • Show end-to-end expertise of applications being developed (including, but not limited to, machine learning methods)
  • Create and maintain scalable machine learning solutions in production using algorithms based on statistical modelling processes
  • Use data modelling and assessment strategies to uncover patterns and forecast previously undiscovered events
  • Put machine learning algorithms and libraries to use
  • Take the lead in software engineering and design
  • Convey and explain complicated procedures to non-programming specialists
  • Communicate with stakeholders to analyse business challenges, explain needs, and determine the extent of the required solutions
  • Analyse massive, complicated datasets to extract insights and choose the best approach
  • Investigate and apply best practices to enhance the existing machine learning infrastructure
  • Assist engineers and product managers in incorporating machine learning into the product

Machine Learning Engineer Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science, data science, mathematics, or a closely related discipline
  • A master's degree in computational linguistics, data analytics, or a related field is preferred
  • Worked as a machine learning engineer in the past
  • Advanced code writing skills in Python, Java, and R
  • Thorough understanding of machine learning frameworks, libraries, data structures, data modelling, and software design
  • Thorough understanding of mathematics, statistics, and algorithms
  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities
  • Superior time management and organising skills