Linux Administrator Job Description Template/Brief

We're hiring a Linux administrator who will be in charge of planning, installing, and monitoring the infrastructure and working with other team members to build automation techniques and deployment procedures. You will become an essential team member, treating every platform challenge as your own and fixing it properly.

Linux Administrator Job Profile

A Linux admin, also known as a Linux system administrator, is an IT expert who oversees the operation of a Linux system. Like iOS and Windows, Linux is an operating system that connects the internal hardware to electronic devices such as phones and computers.

Administrators respond to technical queries about Linux's work and cooperate with other technology professionals such as software developers and computer engineers. They might also specialise in cloud computing or automation.

Reports To

  • CTO

Linux Administrator Responsibilities

  • Install and maintain all server hardware and software systems, as well as manage server performance and availability
  • Maintain all system backups and aid in the restoration of all operations, as well as give all users with the necessary training
  • Create and manage all system tools for all scripts and automation processes, as well as oversee all capacity planning
  • Integrate all essential software and address any difficulties across numerous technologies, as well as design and offer backup support for business servers
  • Evaluate all papers per system requirements, as well as all design and development activities, and administrate all sophisticated processes
  • Create an infrastructure to handle all business requirements and execute frequent system troubleshooting to fix all difficulties
  • Monitor daily systems, evaluate the availability of all server resources and carry out all Linux server tasks
  • Assist in the setup and deployment of all virtual machines, as well as the installation and backup of all configuration procedures
  • Maintain and monitor all patch releases, as well as devise multiple patch installation procedures and keep all systems up to date per NIST standards
  • Manage all resource performance and assure optimisation, as well as provide support for all applications and maintain an ideal level of customer service
  • Maintain and monitor all system frameworks, as well as provide after-hours assistance for all systems and keep up to date on Linux expertise
  • Troubleshoot all tools, maintain numerous servers, and back up all files and script management servers
  • Test all new software, maintain patches for management services, and conduct audits on all security procedures

Linux Administrator Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, or a related field
  • Previous experience working as a Linux Administrator
  • Extensive understanding of Linux, including RedHat, CentOS, and Debian
  • Working knowledge of MySQL and/or MariaDB
  • Understanding of VMWare and SAN administration and concepts
  • Extensive knowledge of Shell, Perl, and/or Python scripting
  • Thorough understanding of protocols such as DNS, HTTP, LDAP, SMTP, and SNMP
  • Additional Linux certifications (RHCT, RHCE, and LPIC) will be viewed favourably
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication abilities