Javascript Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We are searching for an enthusiastic JavaScript Developer to join our growing team. You will use sophisticated JavaScript, CSS, and React to maximise design, speed, and quality while our technological stack constantly changes.

You will be in charge of all front-end elements, from developing complicated apps to guaranteeing a great user experience through code analysis. If you have an eye for design and the ability to build clean, crisp, and responsive layouts from HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript designs, you'll be a fantastic match for the task.

Javascript Developer Job Profile

As JavaScript is the favoured programming language with the most extraordinary OSS module ecosystem, developers can target more platforms than any other high-level language. Whatever a user clicks, enters, updates, or brings up is possible on a website. It's made interactive web pages, user experiences, and responsive front-end designs.

A JavaScript developer is in charge of the programming, development, and implementation of a website. They may be in the order of a whole website or only particular parts or sections of one or many websites. They may find themselves juggling several programming jobs that go into the production of a website.

Web development is a demanding profession requiring a wide range of abilities, including cooperation, communication, and technical writing. Back-end web developers typically help JavaScript developers, and they frequently collaborate with other front-end web developers who specialise in markup and design.

Reports To

  • Sr. JavaScript Developer
  • Tech Lead
  • Chief Technology Officer

Javascript Developer Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with other front and back end developers
  • Develop and execute JavaScript applications
  • Create components that are reusable and modular
  • Write code that prioritises efficiency over anything else
  • Web design with the end-user in mind
  • Identify and correct flaws discovered in codebases
  • Create a series of unit tests to validate that the code works as anticipated
  • Create documentation outlining how the various components function
  • Analyse front-end designs to check the possibility of execution

Javascript Developer Requirements & Skills

  • A degree in computer science is required, or comparable experience
  • Expertise in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and JavaScript Frameworks such as JQuery
  • Outstanding communication, organisational, and leadership abilities
  • Excellent debugging and optimisation abilities for client-side single-page apps built with current frameworks such as React, Backbone, or Ruby
  • Experience with unit/integration testing is preferred
  • Desire to learn new techniques and technology
  • GitHub or another platform for your portfolio