Front End Drupal Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We're seeking for an experienced Front-end Drupal Developer to join our team. As a Front-end Developer, you will be in charge of developing the 'client-side' of our web apps, which makes your work critical to our company's success.

At our organisation, you will have the opportunity to improve and expand your career while working with cutting-edge technology.

Front End Drupal Developer Job Profile

A Drupal Themer, also known as a front-end developer, specialises in Drupal. They are HTML, CSS, and Javascript gurus. They are also Drupal theme layer specialists. They can transform a design into a functional theme and ideally are well-versed in responsive design implementation.

Back-end web developers, who are in charge of server-side application logic and integrating the work done by front-end developers, generally support them.

Reports To

  • Tech Lead
  • Chief Technology Officer

Front End Drupal Developer Responsibilities

  • Utilise the Drupal theming system to develop templates and pre-process functions for implementing features per industry best practises
  • Create novel proof-of-concept (POC) apps
  • Create and execute responsive web solutions while adhering to existing brand design requirements
  • Ensure that best practices for front-end performance
  • Design stylish and user-friendly online apps
  • Experience creating quick and maintainable custom HTML5, CSS, CSS3, and JavaScript codes (jQuery)
  • Experience working with the Drupal theme system
  • Ability to rapidly learn a theme system in another CMS
  • Work on major internet projects with agile approaches
  • Working knowledge of front-end development technologies such as Sass, Bower, Grunt, and/or Gulp
  • Comfortable with and advocate for front-end development that is mobile-first
  • Recognise needs and detect changes in scope and project hazards as soon as possible

Front End Drupal Developer Requirements & Skills

  • Track record of producing visually appealing Drupal sites
  • Drupal, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, Sass, and Responsive Website Design
  • Capacity to work together with clients and establish excellent client connections
  • Knowledge of how to tackle frequent development problems
  • Understanding of how to create a design system that can be extended
  • Experience working with a wide range of Drupal modules and themes, as well as front-end frameworks
  • Self-starting attitude and the ability to flourish in a fast-paced environment
  • Self-assurance in Drupal site development
  • Understanding of the front-end performance concerns that plague high-traffic Drupal sites
  • Knowledge of typical git-based development workflows and code management
  • Motivation to learn new technologies and systems outside of your comfort zone