Ember.js Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We're on a look out for a motivated Ember.js engineer to help us lay the groundwork for our software. Our ideal candidate is enthusiastic about Ember programming and enjoys working as part of a team to offer innovative solutions for complicated online and mobile front-end apps.

We are looking for a talented and dedicated developer to join us as we expand and continue to migrate our front-end to Ember.js. Throughout the product development lifecycle, our development teams work with various departments.

Ember.js Developer Job Profile

Ember js is a free and open-source JavaScript framework for developing online applications. It is a framework for component services. Individual bundles of style and behaviour are referred to as components. The service side offers a long-lasting standard interface for integrating with other systems and libraries. A router is one example of this. It's a service component that's commonly utilised in Ember js development.

Ember js is a successful and well-tested JS framework. It includes everything you need to create applications with sophisticated user interfaces and applications that run on all devices. Because of its unique qualities, it is an excellent choice for developing ambitious applications.

Ember is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. As a result, it is appropriate for developing huge applications.

Reports To

  • CTO

Ember.js Developer Responsibilities

  • Ensure efficient Design, Development, Validation, and Support activities to ensure that our clients are happy with the high levels of service provided in the technological area
  • Gather the requirements and specifications to fully comprehend the client's expectations and translate them into system requirements
  • Estimate work needs to offer accurate project estimates to Technology Leads and Project Managers
  • Significantly contribute to the development of effective programs/systems

Ember.js Developer Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, engineering, or computer engineering
  • Understanding of design concepts and architectural basics
  • Knowledge of performance engineering
  • Understanding of quality processes and estimate methods
  • Fundamental grasp of the project domain
  • The ability to transform functional and nonfunctional needs into system requirements
  • The ability to develop and code complicated applications
  • The ability to create test cases and scenarios based on specifications.
  • Solid knowledge of SDLC and agile techniques
  • Knowledge of current technology and trends
  • Logical thinking and problem-solving abilities, as well as the capacity to collaborate
  • Primary competencies: Technology->Javascript UI development->Ember JS