Data Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We are hiring an experienced and skilled Embedded Software Engineer to join our team! As an Embedded Software Engineer at our organisation, you will carry out the whole embedded software development lifecycle.

Data Developer Job Profile

An embedded system or software engineer contributes to designing, developing, and maintaining embedded systems in products. The job frequently entails software development. However, it also necessitates the expertise of whole embedded systems.

Because the job of an embedded engineer varies per company, there is no specific description. Companies use the phrase "embedded engineer," although the function is described differently. An embedded engineer is a term used by certain firms to refer to engineers who deal exclusively with embedded software. Other firms argue that embedded engineers are more involved with the entire system.

Reports To

  • CTO

Data Developer Responsibilities

  • Plan and participate in architectural, requirements, design, code, and test case reviews
  • Create innovative embedded architectures to help our expanding product development ambitions
  • Hardware reverse engineering, decompiling/disassembly of embedded code, and protocol analysis
  • Contribute to the creation of software processes and best practices
  • Implement complicated data analysis, data routing, and/or control system methods
  • Collaborate with external development partners to accelerate project progress and outcomes
  • Play a vital role in creating the software architecture and designing for efficiency and reusability
  • Interpret and report testing results, and be a strong advocate for quality throughout the development process
  • Create prototypes, demonstrations, and proposals
  • Examine the product's user interface for compliance with design criteria
  • Development and release of software for specific projects
  • Coaching junior engineers and heading small development teams
  • Provide technical leadership and coaching to more junior team members
  • Extensive experience integrating numerous components from several suppliers into a fully working and cohesive system
  • Participate in technical and programme reviews as a presenter or reviewer
  • Demonstrate the progress of teams, technological trade-offs, and plans for current and future product roadmaps
  • Responsible for direct reports' training and career development, as well as team morale and productivity
  • Contribute to the design of the vehicle system architecture
  • Account for technical activity and completing tasks on schedule and within budget

Data Developer Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, engineering, or computer engineering
  • Working knowledge of C, C#, Linux, JAVA, Python, Agile, CMMI, GIT, HDMI, and FPGA software and systems
  • Knowledge of embedded Linux and Embedded C
  • Extensive knowledge of operating systems, unit testing, algorithm design, and computation
  • Simple programming and debugging
  • Is a conscientious problem solver