Accounting Manager Job Description Template/Brief

We are seeking an Accounting Manager to supervise our organisation's financial reporting tasks.

You will be responsible for ensuring accurate reporting. The manager will define principles with the CFO and oversee the department to ensure proper processes are followed.

You will be expected to work with department heads throughout the organisation to discuss budgets and cost-cutting measures. You will collaborate closely with the controller and the finance director to enhance workflow and explore new initiatives.

Accounting Manager Job Profile

An accounting manager is responsible for developing and overseeing the accounting systems and procedures that accountants use to collect, analyse, and verify financial data for a company.

They oversee a company's or organisation's accounting department, directing the accounting personnel who create financial statements, business activity and forecasting reports, and tax filings.

Additional responsibilities include: Monitoring accounting data, creating and administering accounting rules and processes, and advising management on financial choices.

Reports To

  • Chief Financial Officer

Accounting Manager Responsibilities

  • Prepare and analyze tax returns, budget reports, financial reports for businesses, and other papers
  • Ensure that financial papers comply with all legal and regulatory standards
  • Identify inefficiencies and recommend solutions, as well as evaluate financial processes
  • Oversee and evaluate employee performance, offer feedback, and develop divisional objectives and procedures
  • Assist in the recruitment, employment, and firing of accountants within their division
  • Supervise financial information, such as tax returns, budget and expense reports, and audits
  • Comply with the standards for confidentiality and public disclosure
  • Identify accounting priorities, develop processes to fulfil those goals, and instruct accountants to put those processes in place
  • Report to executives within their organisation, making financial choices recommendations

Accounting Manager Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in accounting or finance
  • Computer skills in Accounting software and databases
  • Prior experience as an accounting manager, accounting supervisor, or finance manager
  • Understanding of bookkeeping and accounting concepts, practises, benchmarks, rules, and regulations
  • Extensive accuracy and attention to detail
  • Capacity to control and handle large amounts of data