Data Entry Clerk Job Description Template/Brief

We are seeking a data entry clerk responsible for appropriately inputting information into the computer system. This job is crucial for ensuring that all data is processed and properly categorised.

In addition, you will need to transfer information from print media into the computer system, review data input for accuracy and timeliness, and match existing file names with their appropriate directories to ensure that all information is appropriately arranged. The data entry clerk must be able to work swiftly and effectively while being accurate.

Data Entry Clerk Job Profile

Data entry clerks enter a large volume of data from different sources into a database and ensure that all relevant data is entered and maintained.

Data entry clerks must also validate and amend data as needed. Aside from data input, many data entry clerks also handle typical office activities such as scanning papers and answering phones.

Reports To

  • Data Entry Specialist

Data Entry Clerk Responsibilities

  • Keep the database up to date by adding new and updated client and account information
  • Compile and arrange information to prepare source data for computer entry
  • Determine entry priorities
  • Process customer and account source documents by inspecting data for flaws
  • Correct flaws by following normal processes or returning incomplete papers to the team leader for resolution
  • Enter client and account information by inputting alphabetic and numeric data on a keyboard or optical scanner by the screen format
  • Uphold data input standards by adhering to data programme methodologies and processes
  • Check inputted customer and account data for accuracy by reviewing, correcting, removing, or reentering information
  • Purge files to eliminate data duplication
  • Input fresh data to test customer and account system modifications and upgrades
  • Protect information by completing backups of databases
  • Maintain operations by adhering to rules and procedures and reporting any modifications that are required
  • Maintain customer trust and protect operations by keeping information private

Data Entry Clerk Requirements & Skills

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Demonstrated experience as a data entry clerk
  • Quick typing abilities; knowledge of a touch typing system is desired
  • Extensive understanding of word processing and spreadsheet software (MS Office Word, Excel etc.)
  • Working knowledge of office equipment as well as computer hardware and peripherals
  • Fundamental database knowledge
  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills, as well as customer service abilities
  • Extensive attention to detail