Customer Service Manager Job Description Template/Brief

We are seeking a Customer Service Manager to help us provide our customers with an optimal experience and ensure that customers' needs are being met or exceeded. You'll manage the customer service team, ensuring that service standards are being met and problems are resolved. You will aim to provide and promote excellent customer service throughout the organisation.

Additionally, you will be required to communicate with customers via phone, email, or face-to-face concerning a product or service and potentially oversee a customer service agent team.

Customer Service Manager Job Profile

Providing outstanding service is a critical aspect of a successful business. A Customer Service Manager is in charge of a team of employees who answer potential, existing, and previous customers. To run a contact centre, a competent Customer Service Manager must have the technical knowledge and interpersonal abilities.

The Customer Service Manager is responsible for providing a productive and motivating working environment and addressing any issues/disputes from customers or clients. A customer service manager may play a key role in hiring, training, and supervising the customer service team. A Customer Service Manager may also be called Customer Success Manager, Customer Support Manager, or even Customer Service Representative, depending on the company.

Reports To

  • Customer Service Lead

Customer Service Manager Responsibilities

  • Oversee and direct all Service team operations
  • Maintain service level agreements and ensure that the team follows best practices
  • Create and revise customer service policies and procedures
  • Keeps track of department concerns and client complaints
  • Create plans for issue resolution and service enhancement
  • Ensure that the customer/business, client, support, and technical partners are all represented in the service concept and evolution
  • Provide client assistance
  • Keep in touch and maintain relationships with customers
  • Authorise refunds or other types of client reimbursement
  • Take care of complex complaints and inquiries
  • Analyse critical management data to guarantee that consumers are served correctly
  • Assist with the recruitment, development, and evaluation of employees

Customer Service Manager Requirements & Skills

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Patience, confidence and politeness; certain circumstances can be incredibly stressful; therefore, you'll need to use all of these qualities.
  • Ability to conceive up ways to enhance customer service Leadership and motivating skills to lead your team effectively
  • Ability to operate successfully under stress
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Outstanding personal presentation
  • Ability to manage while maintaining multiple in-flight projects
  • Willingness to learn independently and become a product expert