Content Writer Job Description Template/Brief

We are seeking a Content Writer to join our editorial team and provide fresh blog pieces, tutorials, and marketing copy for our websites.

Conducting a thorough analysis of industry-related issues, producing ideas for new content kinds, and reviewing pieces before publishing are all tasks of the Content Writer.

We want to meet you if you're experienced in creating internet content and have a keen eye for detail. Please provide samples of your work or a portfolio of your published papers with your application.

Content Writer Job Profile

A creative individual who creates copy for websites, blogs, social media, whitepapers, ebooks, and various other platforms is known as a content writer.

The writer collaborates with the company to understand their tone of voice and identify the most acceptable sources of information. Their work communicates and connects with consumers, assisting the company in achieving specific goals.

Reports To

  • Marketing Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • Sr. Content Writer

Content Writer Responsibilities

  • Conduct research and analysis on top SEO content themes
  • Check material for grammatical and factual mistakes, as well as consistency by adhering to all brand editorial requirements
  • Conduct research and create long-form articles on a variety of essential themes
  • Distribute content across several platforms and track traffic performance
  • Conduct competitor marketing research and evaluation with an emphasis on content
  • Plan and carry out different SEO duties
  • Assist the finance team with the payment of content stakeholders
  • Create project performance reports
  • Create and implement process improvement projects

Content Writer Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in English Literature, Communication, Marketing, Journalism, or a closely related discipline
  • A professional portfolio demonstrating a track record of exceptional writing
  • Knowledge of online publishing methods
  • Computer proficiency, particularly with writing applications such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • Thorough awareness of the most recent marketing trends and approaches, including SEO
  • Strict adherence to each company's style standards and publication policies
  • Ability to multitask and take on new tasks
  • Exquisite command of the English language, including idioms and contemporary slang and phrases
  • Creativity and attention to detail
  • The ability to operate alone with little or no daily supervision
  • Excellent time management abilities, including prioritising, scheduling, and modifying as needed