CakePHP Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We are hiring a CakePHP Developer who will maintain back-end services and data exchange between the server and the user. Your primary responsibility will be to build the server-side logic, specify and strengthen the core database, and assure exceptional performance and responsiveness to front-end requests.

You will also be in charge of integrating the front-end pieces created by your coworkers into the application; therefore, a basic familiarity with front-end technologies is required.

CakePHP Developer Job Profile

CakePHP Developers are often in charge of creating server-side web application logic utilizing the CakePHP framework. Back-end developers often create back-end components, link the programme to further (often third-party) online services, and help front-end developers integrate their work with the application.

Reports To

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Tech Lead
  • Senior CakePHP Developer

CakePHP Developer Responsibilities

  • Assuring the deliverable's flawless performance
  • Creating, deploying, and managing dynamic websites and web applications
  • Bringing together many data sources and databases into a single system
  • Create and implement reusable and efficient strategies
  • Components of CakePHP

CakePHP Developer Requirements & Skills

  • Excellent understanding of how to integrate the payment gateway service
  • Knowledge of versioning technologies such as Git, AWS Codecommit and bitbucket
  • Capability to create responsive user interfaces with animation
  • Expertise with Memcache
  • Strong understanding of how to integrate Push Notification to send user notifications
  • Experience developing RESTful APIs for mobile applications
  • Keep files safe in third-party buckets such as S3 buckets
  • Excellent understanding of merging MySql databases with normalization up to the third level
  • Implementation experience with javascript libraries such as (Full Calendar, Date and Time pickers, Select 2 for dropdowns, autocomplete, Ajax File upload, Image cropping etc.)
  • Integration of Google Maps SDK
  • Expertise in creating database schemas for SAAS applications
  • Expertise in web application page speed optimization
  • Implementation experience with SSO and LDAP for web apps
  • Expertise in MVC pattern of PHP applications
  • Knowledge of how to conduct transactional operations in web applications
  • Experience developing real-time chat apps using Node JS and
  • Expertise in interfacing with third-party APIs such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube