C# Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We are hiring a C# developer who will be in charge of creating C# apps ranging from back-end services to client-side applications. Your key objectives will be to design and construct these apps and collaborate with the rest of the team members who are working on different layers of the infrastructure. As a result, a dedication to collaborative problem solving, complex design, and high-quality products is required.

C# Developer Job Profile

A C# developer is someone who writes programmes and is responsible for characterising the website composition based on the demands of the customer. This section's experts are tasked with outlining and developing dependable C# code. They are also expected to look after C#. C# specialists are needed for various tasks, including creating and planning UIs, and they play a crucial part in the preservation of quality code.

A C# developer is responsible for ensuring that programmes deliver high-quality execution and that they are responsive. Workers in this section are responsible for creating database engineering to integrate apps. They are also necessary to develop interactive media apps.

Reports To

  • Tech Lead
  • Chief Technology Officer

C# Developer Responsibilities

  • Configure, design, develop, test, maintain, and communicate work area, custom web, and portable apps
  • Compile client programming requirements and develop relevant programming apps and projects
  • Investigate and evaluate programming-related developments and products
  • Outline and design testing and support techniques, as well as activities
  • Create and compose excellent coding that fits the needs of the customer
  • Create programming documentation as well as update existing documentation
  • Configure, construct, and run simple apps written in C#
  • Assist and support other colleagues in various endeavours
  • Motivate colleagues to keep on top of activity deadlines and stay under clients' budgets
  • Put best practices, models, and procedures into action, including quality and conveyance principles
  • Ensure consistency with recorded programming techniques and systems throughout the life cycle of programming items

C# Developer Requirements & Skills

  • Proficient with C#, with a thorough understanding of its ecosystems
  • Knowledge of the .NET framework
  • Knowledge of the Mono framework
  • Firm grasp of object-oriented programming
  • Ability to write reusable C# libraries
  • Knowledge of numerous design and architectural patterns
  • Understanding of concurrency patterns in C#
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Working knowledge of major web application frameworks such as Nancy
  • Knowledge of the Windows Presentation Framework
  • Ability to write clean, understandable C# code
  • Understanding of the core design ideas underlying a scalable application
  • Designing database schemas to represent and support business operations.
  • Basic knowledge of the Common Language Runtime (CLR), its limits, flaws, and solutions
  • Putting in place automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Thorough understanding of code versioning tools
  • Understanding of continuous integration