Backbone.js Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We're hiring a JavaScript engineer with a strong understanding of Backbone.js. Your major focus will be on leveraging Backbone.js to organise the front-end of our online apps, as well as building necessary modules and libraries. Because you will be bridging the gap between the visual aspects and the server-side architecture, you must also understand the fundamentals of various back-end technologies.

Backbone.js Developer Job Profile

A Backbone.js developer is ideally a fantastic JavaScript developer that is in charge of designing web apps mostly with Backbone.js. Backbone.js developers often focus on the front-end of web applications, but they must also have a basic grasp of various back-end technologies, as their responsibilities include integrating APIs and resources given by back-end developers and engineers with front-end aspects.

To assure the construction of solid online apps, a skilled JavaScript developer is required. However, depending on the project needs, you may want to seek for a JavaScript developer who is already familiar with Backbone.js and its patterns.

Reports To

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Tech Lead

Backbone.js Developer Responsibilities

  • Create new features
  • Create well-structured, reusable code and libraries for later usage
  • Ensure that UI/UX designs are technically feasible
  • Ensure that apps are optimised for optimal performance and scalability
  • Work with other team members and stakeholders to achieve your goals

Backbone.js Developer Requirements & Skills

  • Thorough knowledge of JavaScript, its quirks, and workarounds
  • Thorough grasp of Backbone.js features and utility functions
  • Solid grasp of the ideas behind models, collections, and views
  • Fundamental knowledge of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3
  • Knowledge of core REST API principles
  • Understanding of input validation techniques and approaches
  • Thorough knowledge of browser rendering behaviour and performance
  • Knowledge of asynchronous request processing, partial page updates, and AJAX
  • Thorough knowledge of cross-browser compatibility concerns
  • Knowledge of JavaScript module loaders such as Require.js and AMD
  • Working knowledge of front-end build technologies such as Grunt and Gulp.js
  • Thorough grasp of code versioning systems such as Git, Mercurial, and SVN