Auditor Job Description Template/Brief

We are hiring an Auditor to contribute value and enhance our operations by applying a systematic and disciplined approach to risk management, control, and governance procedures. The selected applicant will have an in-depth understanding of accounting processes and solid judgment.

Auditor Job Profile

Auditors follow a company's cash flow and account to verify that they are recorded and processed correctly, that assets are protected through suitable control methods, and that financial records comply with legal standards. Auditors can serve as internal auditors, external auditors, or independent auditors in public and commercial sectors.

Auditors must have a sharp eye for detail, work well under pressure, and have a talent for problem-solving. The majority of auditors have a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting or finance. Many auditors also hold a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate, which is achieved by passing a national test and satisfying a certain amount of college study hours.

Reports To

Chief Financial Officer

Auditor Responsibilities

  • Safeguard assets by ensuring that internal control procedures and requirements are followed
  • Examine records, reports, operational processes, and documentation to ensure compliance with defined internal control procedures
  • Check assets and liabilities against documents to ensure they are correct
  • Completion of audit work papers, including documentation of audit tests and findings
  • Complete audit questionnaires to assess the adequacy of internal control systems
  • Keep internal control systems up to date by revising audit programmes and questionnaires, as well as recommending new policies and procedures
  • Prepare a final report and review audit findings with auditees to communicate audit results
  • Comply with federal, state, and local security legal obligations by researching the current and new security laws, enforcing compliance, and advising management on necessary measures
  • Create specific audit and control reports by gathering, evaluating, and summarising operational data and trends
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge through engaging in professional societies, attending educational workshops, examining professional publications and information, and attending educational seminars.

Auditor Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline such as accounting, finance, computer science, or business
  • Additional awards or certificates may be desirable or necessary
  • Comprehensive industry understanding of best practices, rules, current legislation, and technology
  • Superior research, planning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and math abilities
  • Strong presentation, teamwork, and verbal and writing communication abilities
  • Computer proficiency, particularly with bookkeeping or financial applications and MS Office
  • Extensive efficiency, correctness, honesty, and attention to detail