Application Security Engineer Job Description Template/Brief

We're looking for an Application Security Engineer to be in charge of our organisation's data, system, and application security. It will be your responsibility to ensure that organisation's apps and services are high-quality and secure.

Further duties would include directing efforts to secure code, such as code reviews, project security reviews, penetration testing support, and application scanning procedures across the software development lifecycle.

You will operate as part of the security engineering team to ensure that all of a company's software and infrastructure are developed and executed per the best security standards. You will closely collaborate with other IT experts to harden the company's systems and apps to safeguard user data better.

Application Security Engineer Job Profile

Application security engineers assist developers in adhering to the Secure SDLC methodology. They use secure application design and architectural strategies based on well-known security standards to prevent unwanted access, such as providing strong authentication and authorisation and implementing secure session management.

Reports To

  • Chief Technology Officer

Application Security Engineer Responsibilities

  • Assist the company in the evolution of its application security functions and services
  • Ensure that code reviews are adhered to across all code platforms
  • Take leadership of the organisation's bug intake and remediation process
  • Lead the remediation of application vulnerability screening and penetration testing
  • Manage integration with vulnerabilities assessment techniques, including Static Code Analysis and Dynamic Code Analysis
  • Discover security vulnerabilities and devise mitigation strategies, as well as report and resolve technical debt
  • Assist the Information Security Manager with all application security tasks
  • Participate in information security programmes on behalf of the organisation
  • Participate actively in security activities with little supervision
  • Act as a subject matter expert for security solutions
  • Assist junior security engineers with their development
  • Troubleshoot production difficulties and performance constraints

Application Security Engineer Requirements & Skills

  • A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or a similar subject
  • Experience in information security or a similar subject
  • Capability to collaborate with top executives across many departments
  • Ability to operate well in a fast-paced, project-oriented setting
  • Capacity to manage sensitive and secret information
  • Capacity to handle numerous activities at once
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities