Application Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We are hiring an Application Developer. As a professional application developer, you are expected to be a flawless software source code writer. Depending on your specialist sector, you will be participating in the whole software development life cycle.

You will build, test, deploy, and assist in updating software to meet clients' needs. Also, collaborate with designers, analysts, and computer engineers to realise the desired quality of software applications.

Application Developer Job Profile

An applications developer converts software requirements into usable programming code and maintains and develops business-related programmes.

They often work in the specialised development industry, such as mobile phone applications, accounting software, office suites, or graphics software, and must be fluent in at least one computer language.

An applications developer's job varies from that of a systems developer in that systems software allows a computer to run. Users interact with application software, which is supported by system software.

Reports To

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Tech Lead
  • Product Manager

Application Developer Responsibilities

  • Establish a detailed programme specification through client discussion
  • Clarify the actions the programme is intended to perform
  • Write the programme - break down the programme specification into its most accessible components and convert this logic into a programming language
  • Work as part of a team
  • Test sample data-sets to ensure that output from the programme is correct
  • Brainstorm potential remedies to anticipated difficulties
  • Respond to problems and rectify the programme as needed
  • Analyse and improve the program's efficacy
  • Adapt the programme to new needs as needed
  • Carry out user acceptability testing to ensure that the application is simple, quick, and accurate
  • Provide extensive documentation for the program's usage by users and computer operators
  • Update, repair, change and create current software and general applications

Application Developer Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent experience
  • Proven experience as an application developer
  • Capability to programme in at least one programming language (e.g. JavaScript or Python)
  • A thorough mastery of key programming ideas, including design
  • Thinking abilities- critical and analytical
  • Excellent time management and attention to detail
  • Knowledge of project management tools such as Jira
  • Application development certification Experience working as part of a development team
  • Strong communication abilities
  • Experience in project management