AngularJS Developer Job Description Template/Brief

We're looking for an AngularJS Developer. In this job, you will be responsible for creating Single Page Applications (SPAs) with Angular Java code, which will need a comprehensive understanding of theoretical angular software engineering.

To be successful in this position, you should be fluent in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, have excellent project management abilities and tackle tasks with a sharp eye for detail.

AngularJS Developer Job Profile

Angular developers are skilled JavaScript programmers who understand the theoretical notions of software engineering. Angular developers work on the client-side of the product, which is the developer's primary responsibility.

They can develop a full-fledged User Interface solution for websites and online apps. Furthermore, an Angular developer creates components and modules and links them to develop essential software.

In addition, the Angular developer is in charge of the interactive front-end of numerous online and mobile apps. They're well-known for producing high-performance software. Angular developers collaborate with back-end developers to verify that the SPA is built per the required conditions and technical accuracy.

Reports To

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Tech Lead

AngularJS Developer Responsibilities

  • Using the most recent Front End Technologies, design, create and manage user interfaces for Modern Rich Internet Applications
  • Create user interfaces using cutting-edge front-end technology
  • Investigate, evaluate, and make more complicated product characteristics
  • Establish standard practises for AngularJS
  • Writing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS that has been well tested and documented
  • Handle AngularJS design and technical choices
  • Create application code and unit tests with AngularJS, Rest Web Services, and Ruby
  • Ensure that designed systems work well

AngularJS Developer Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, information technology, or a related discipline
  • Knowledge of Javascript, CSS, and HTML
  • Understanding of cutting-edge technology and open-source software
  • Working knowledge of AngularJS versions and front-end development tools such as Bootstrap, CodePen, and Git
  • Knowledge of Javascript frameworks
  • Thorough knowledge of databases, APIs, and other online services
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Critical and logical thinking skills