Analyst Job Description Template/Brief

We're looking for a highly experienced analyst to assist us in our search. As a part of our IT team, you will be responsible for resolving organisational issues by assessing processes, workflows, and systems to discover chances for improvement or automation.

Our ideal candidate is at ease interacting with people at all levels of management to obtain a comprehensive grasp of our strategy and offerings. You will have an immediate impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of our everyday operations and a long-term effect on our expansion objectives.

Analyst Job Profile

Analysts do research, assess trends, and report on them. Analysts strive to derive insights from publically accessible or gathered data to generate effective plans in various sectors. Analysts may be needed to be adaptable, work across industries and datasets, and spend a significant amount of time developing and delivering reports.

Reports To

  • Business Lead
  • Senior Analyst

Analyst Responsibilities

  • Enhance, implement, and effectively convey key analytics that reveals significant patterns and opportunities within the organisation
  • Attend frequent meetings with management to review and resolve concerns to develop and implement changes toward more efficient operations
  • Offer solid and fast financial and business analytic decision assistance to business partners and other organisational stakeholders
  • Create actionable roadmaps for enhancing workflows and processes, as well as build and manage KPIs under global guidelines
  • Ensure adherence to all federal, state, and local laws
  • Use analytics, research methodology, and statistical tools to interpret data and evaluate outcomes
  • Create and implement data analyses, as well as data gathering methods and other tactics that improve statistical efficiency and quality
  • Serve as a bridge between employees and management, evaluating and interpreting data about corporate processes, regulations, and workflows
  • Create reports, specifications, instructions, and flowcharts, as well as evaluate and summarise various weekly, monthly, and periodic operational outcomes for usage by various key stakeholders
  • Manage analytics projects across their entire lifespan, including extracting, modifying, and exporting data from project requirements documents to design and implementation
  • Assess key performance metrics, offer continuing reports, and provide recommendations for business plan revisions

Analyst Requirements & Skills

  • A bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing, computer science, mathematics, or a closely related discipline is preferred
  • Familiarity with data analysis and visualisation technologies such as Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau
  • Working knowledge of database and spreadsheet tools such as MySQL and Excel
  • Previous experience conducting various types of internet research
  • Current understanding of data mining tools and processes, or the capacity to quickly learn them
  • Extensive attention to detail and the ability to identify and resolve problems rapidly
  • Previous team work experience and a desire to take on leadership responsibilities within a team
  • Detail-oriented, with a tight attention to detail and a respect for deadlines