Accounting Specialist Job Description Template/Brief

We are searching for an organized and detail-oriented Accounting Specialist that will evaluate financial data and keep complete records while adhering to our organization's stringent standards.

The responsibilities of an Accounting Specialist include:

  • Maintaining correct records of all incoming and outgoing payments
  • Conducting payroll chores as needed
  • Aiding with the preparation of tax forms as required

Accounting Specialist Job Profile

Accounting professionals may have a variety of activities and obligations to accomplish each day, depending on the organization size for which they work. Their primary task is to monitor a company's financial accounts and guarantee that all transactions are appropriately documented. An accounting specialist's specific tasks may include:

  • Keeping track of incoming and outgoing transactions
  • Managing payment schedules
  • Collaborating with coworkers to provide financial reports for management
  • Payroll processing
  • Reviewing quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Looking for and resolving accounting discrepancies

The majority of accounting professionals work full-time in an office with set hours. Much of their job will be autonomous, but they will need to cooperate with other employees from various departments, such as accountants, managers, and clerks.

Reports To

  • Sr. Accounting Specialist
  • Chief Financial Officer

Accounting Specialist Responsibilities

  • Assist accountant by investigating any account receivables and payables difficulties
  • Manage all complicated data entries and journals for cost accounting, making necessary revisions and adjustments
  • Audit all purchase orders and invoices, as well as handle requisition vouchers
  • Administer and execute all voucher transactions, maintain invoices for ledgers, and reconcile all financial accounts
  • Examine all accounting procedures and make any corrections
  • Monthly, manage and process all bills and invoices for payment, as well as produce accounts
  • Manage all past-due accounts, as well as identify and collect all risk accounts on time
  • Keep track of any credit card disputes and create all necessary invoices and statements for clients
  • Manage credit card statements, reconcile them all, and discover any inconsistencies
  • Daily, manage cash and check deposits for banks
  • Work with vendors to coordinate and produce papers for any credits and backorders
  • Assist multiple departments and process all account closings
  • Create and handle all financial statements while maintaining the confidentiality of all information
  • Manage all data, administrate suitable coding, and keep information on the processing system up to date
  • Analyze all accounting requirements and distribute all letters to the relevant account department

Accounting Specialist Requirements & Skills

  • A master's degree in accounting, finance, business, or a closely related discipline is recommended
  • An advanced degree in a specific industry may be required
  • A Certified Public Accounting (CPA) designation may be required
  • Demonstrated organizational abilities and the ability to keep accurate records
  • Current knowledge of standard database and spreadsheet programmes, such as MySQL and Excel
  • Understanding of productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office Suite
  • Entry-level occupations require 0-5 years of experience
  • Capability to work cooperatively in a team environment
  • Has the ability to work independently and without supervision as necessary