Adaface provides a mechanism to create publicly shareable links for a test. You can create as many links as you need and enable/ disable them according to your use-case.

Onelinks is an enterprise feature. Please contact us at to enable it for your Adaface instance.
  1. You need to have this feature enabled in your instance.
  2. You need to be either a Super Admin or Tests Admin.
  3. Go to 'Assessments' in the Adaface dashboard.
  4. Click on the assessment you want to make changes to.
  5. Click on 'settings'.
  6. Turn on 'Add public links to the assessment' (if not done already).

To generate a new link click on 'Generate new link' and click on the 'toggle' icon beside the link to turn it on/ off.

Public link creation for assessments in Adaface

How do they work?

Once a public link is shared with a candidate and candidate opens it, the candidate is taken through below steps before taking through the technical chat.

  • Email id verification
  • Full name
  • Phone number

These details are automatically added to your dashboard. If you require any other details to be collected from the candidate, you can contact us at and we will modify the test accordingly.

Use cases

Here are a couple of use-cases for public links.

Campus placements/ career drives

You can create public links, turn them off and share them with representatives for conducting campus placement tests. When the test time starts, you can turn on the public link and ask candidates to take the technical chat. This way, you can bulk screen many candidates at once.

Career page integration

You can also use public links in your career pages, so every candidate who clicks on 'Apply now' (or equivalent) button in your career pages will automatically go through the screening process. This way, you will receive a candidate's technical assessment scores along with their resume and you can speed up the screening process by a couple of stages in the hiring funnel. This also helps in removing biases based on resume.