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Mastering candidates management

Adaface provides extensive toolkit to manage candidates pipeline efficiently. This document explains all the actions you can perform on a single candidate entity.

Viewing candidates data

  1. Open Adaface Dashboard
  2. Open 'Candidates' Tab

Sorting candidates

By default, candidates list is sorted by most recent update to least recent. An update can be any of the below candidate actions

  • Candidate received invite
  • Candidate started the technical chat
  • Candidate finished the technical chat

You can sort candidates by their score by clicking on 'Score' column.

Filtering candidates

You can filter candidates by

  • name
  • email
  • current stage in the pipeline

Understanding pipeline stages

Candidates are sorted into five stages - two of them belong to whether a candidate has taken the test or not. Three of them belong to whether the recruiting team has processed the candidate entry.

  • Invited: Default stage a candidate enters once invited for a test
  • Attempted: Stage candidate enters after finished a test and stays in that stage from then
  • Review pending: All candidates who have taken the test enter this stage for recruiting team to review
  • Shortlisted: All candidates who are shortlisted will enter 'Shortlist' stage and are removed from review pending stage
  • Archived: All candidates who are archived will enter 'Archived' stage and are removed from review pending stage

Candidate actions

There are six actions you can take on a candidate entry.

Candidate actions
  • Cancel invite (cross icon): Cancels the candidate invite (the credit is given back for you to use for another candidate)
  • Shortlist candidate (thumbs up icon): Sends the candidate to shortlisted stage
  • Archive/ reject candidate (thumbs down icon): Sends the candidate to rejected stage
  • Send emails to candidates (email icon): You can send shortlist email, rejection email, reminder email, second reminder email to candidates. Read more about emails and templates
  • View email logs (eye icon): View candidates email actions - if they opened emails, clicked on links
  • Delete candidate (trash/bin icon): You can anonymize/delete a candidate entry. Read more about data deletion here
Note: Viewing email logs, ability to send shortlist/ rejection emails, canceling invites, anonymizing/ deleting candidates data through actions are enterprise features. Please contact us to get them added to your Adaface instance.

Manual actions

Of the six actions, except 'viewing email logs' all are manual actions.

Automated/ Automatable actions

Email logs is an automated action. Every other action is automatable according your preferences. Here's how it worked:

  • Automated invites cancellation: Invites that weren't used by candidates can be auto cancelled after few days according to your preference (The credits will be given back for you to use - this is an enterprise only feature)
  • Automated invites expiry: Invites that weren't used by candidates can be auto expired after few days. (This will be counted towards your credits)
  • Automated shortlist/ rejection: Candidates can be moved to either shortlisted/ rejected stages based on their scores automatically
  • Automated shortlist/ rejection emails: Candidates can be send shortlist/ rejection emails based on their scores OR based on when you send them to shortlist/ rejection stages in the pipeline
  • Automated reminder emails: This is turned on by default. Candidates receive first reminder email after one day and three days from the time of invite. You can turn this off and send them manually or change the duration according to your preference.
  • Data deletion: Data will be deleted/ anonymized based on your preferred interval (This is an enterprise only feature)

Understanding candidate status

The 'Status' column conveys the status of candidate's invite at every point. It is color coded for quick comparison. You can click on 'view scorecard' or status field to view the scorecard.

  • Red - Failed candidate
  • Green - Passed candidate
  • Yellow - Borderline passed candidate
Viewing candidate scores
Note: Once you update any test threshold, all candidate status' for that test will be automatically updated

Customizing columns in candidates list

You can add custom columns to candidate table on request. Examples: Resume submitted by candidate, Recruiter who sent the invite, Score of one coding question etc. Please contact us at [email protected] for such queries and we will customize the candidates to work for you.

Exporting candidates list

You can export the candidates data in your current view as CSV file by clicking on the download icon. To get more rows, you can change the page number at the bottom of the table.

Note: Fetching huge number of rows will make the page slow/ unresponsive depending on your browser/ computer. If you require a dump of huge number of rows, please contact us at [email protected]
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