Adaface offers you multiple ways to invite candidates to the chat with Ada.

Email invites:

You can invite candidates to a particular assessment by adding their details into the dashboard. Once you fill in their details, they receive a friendly email invite with a link to the chat for that particular assessment. The email invite is customizable to accommodate for your brand guidelines.

You will also receive a common link for each assessment that you can share with candidates. The chat via the common link will start with collecting candidate details like name, email, phone number, resume and any other information that you would like from the candidate.

You can also use this link to integrate directly with your Careers page. You can attach this link to the Apply button for that particular role. So when a candidate clicks on the Apply button, they will be redirected to the chat with Ada, automating the application and screening process both.

You can also use this link to automate the screening process from your ATS. You can set up your ATS such that when you move candidates to the screening part of the funnel, they automatically receive an email telling them about the chat with Ada, and with the link to kick-off the chat. This way, you can send out personalized invites to each candidate automatically, and directly from your ATS. You also have control over which candidates receive the chat invite, if you have a prior screening process based on resume/ profile.