Recruiting is becoming a candidate driven market. To create a positive talent brand, you need to stay in touch with candidates as much as possible and engage them throughout your hiring funnel. Adaface provides many ways that you can engage candidates automagically.

Please contact your Adaface Success Manager or to enable below features for your account.

Automate invite and reminder emails while being in the loop

  1. Adaface sends reminder emails to candidates who are passive and didn't attempt the assessment in periodic intervals
  2. Recruiters who want to be kept in loop can request to be cc'ed in these emails. Once enabled, the inviter of candidate is cc'ed in invite and reminder emails.

Automate shortlisting/ rejections and emails

  1. Once confident about test thresholds, you can automate decision making of shortlisting/ rejecting candidates. Candidate who score above the threshold are sent to shortlisted stage of Adaface funnel and candidates who score below the threshold are sent to archived stage of the Adaface funnel
  2. Along with above, you can also have our bot email candidates who are shortlisted or rejected with shortlisted email (informing about next steps) or rejected email (informing about their application status). This helps to keep candidates in the loop always and creates a positive talent brand since they are not kept in the dark about their application progress,

Automatically report screening status updates to candidates

You can automate reporting status updates in the same chat link that candidates take. Once a candidate revisits the same link after finishing the test, they can view their application progress - shortlisted/ in-progress/ rejected based on which Adaface funnel stage you send the candidate to.

Automatically end/ expiry/ cancel technical chats

Technical chats can be automatically cancelled (if your account has this feature enabled and candidate didn't take the chat beyond stipulated date/time) or expired or ended based on your preferred intervals.

Note: Most of the features mentioned are enterprise only. Please contact us at to enable them for your account.