Adaface provides a powerful toolkit for admins to manage their accounts. This document highlights a few key permissions and tools provided to admins including how admins can backup and recover data from Adaface.

Product Features

You can check the full range of features available to 'Super Admins' here. Some important ones:

Support Request Permissions

Even though any user from the client account can reach out to us with support queries, some requests are carried out only if Super Admins of an account give us permissions.

  • Exporting/ Deleting candidate data.
  • Exporting/ Deleting audit logs.
  • Get a copy of the backup.
  • Recovery of anonymized data.
  • Requests to customize candidates view, insights tab.
  • Requests to enable key enterprise features (which might require subscription changes). This might include enabling automation features and enabling enterprise features.
  • Requests for custom features that require additional software development.
  • Requests for white-labeling and theme customizations.
  • Requests for adding new tests that are not yet part of our library.

Understanding Backups and Recovery

Adaface maintains backups of your data in periodic intervals to be able to address unforeseen attacks. Since we backup data of all of our clients, an individual client can also request access to a snapshot of a backup. This request must come from a Super Admin. Super admins can also request us to recover lost data (but still available in backups). We also offer our clients a provision to request backups to happen at specific intervals. (Note that we are GDPR compliant and you can read about our approach to GDPR here.)