Our bot provides 700+ assessments to pick from. Not stopping there, you can further customize the bot to make sure the technical chat is exactly mapping to what's required of in the candidate. Here are some of the capabilities of our bot that you can use-


Our bot can be adaptive in its chat in different ways depending on your use-case. Adaface Success Manager works with you in explaining what features are best suited for your requirements. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Our Bot can adapt the test on the fly based on loose constraints of skills. For eg: If your team needs a developer to know one of Java or Python, our bot will conduct Java technical chat or Python technical chat depending on the candidate's preferences instead of restricting all candidates to go through both or none of the programming language questions.
  • Another example is when you want our bot to ask increasingly difficult or easier questions depending on how the candidate is performing.

Data collection

Along with technical chat, our bot also collects different forms of data from the candidates for our clients. This can range from Resume, College, Work experience to detailed questions to determine cultural fit, etc.

Two-way communication

Ada's technical chat is meant to be two way. Companies are also recommended to provide FAQs to candidates about the role they are applying, about the company/ team they are joining. This can be set up by your Success Manager.