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Adaface Onboarding

We consider onboarding as a major part of our product offering and to enable this, we offer a range of support services to get your entire team on board with Adaface.

Adaface onboarding and customization session

We provide onboarding sessions with your recruitment and hiring management teams during the setup of your Adaface account. Along with a walkthrough of the Adaface platform, we also understand how best to customize Adaface to improve your KPIs in these sessions.

Adaface onboarding webinars

Onboarding for us is not a one-time thing. We host webinars throughout the week around the world. If you have a new team member joining your team or want to have a quick refresher on using Adaface, these webinars are for you! Our clients also use these webinars to walk through Adaface analytics & insights and figure out how to optimize Adaface for them even better. These are hosted by our CSM team members who know the ins and outs of the Adaface system. Here are the slots and booking details (See you there!):

Duration: 1 hour
Hosted: Online, via your computer for voice and video connection.
Registrations: Mandatory

Days: Wednesday and Thursday
Time: 4 PM SGT/ 1.30 PM IST/ 10 AM CEST
Booking link

Days: Wednesday and Thursday
Time: 2 PM BST/ 3 PM CEST
Booking link

Days: Wednesday and Thursday
Time: 10 AM PDT/ 1 PM EDT
Booking link

Note: We also conduct 1-1 onboarding meetings to discuss your specific needs. You can book using the same booking link above and mention 'I prefer a 1-1 session' in the questionnaire.

Adaface onboarding docs

When an account is created, we provide onboarding docs for your team to get to know how to use Adaface seamlessly and efficiently. Our docs are detailed and live webpages reflecting the stable and latest version of our product. One of the most loved documents for the recruitment team is the 'master doc' that we share with every team. It's a one-stop document to navigate through every feature and use-case of Adaface.

Adaface knowledge base and guides

As an ongoing process, we provide access to the Adaface knowledge base which has a step-by-step walkthrough of various Adaface features. Along with this, we also provide access to Adaface guides - blog posts with industry insights.

Adaface support

You can also request any other onboarding support your team needs via our support channels.

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We evaluated several of their competitors and found Adaface to be the most compelling. Great default library of questions that are designed to test for fit rather than memorization of algorithms.

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