Adaface follows a thorough process of managing customer accounts. Here are few details to admins on how different aspects of an account lifecycle work:

Account creation

Adaface client accounts are created when the client signup for a free account on our website or is provisioned by Adaface Success Manager after a contract between Adaface and the client is signed. We also provide provisioned accounts for internal pilots on-request. As much as possible, we strive to maintain pilot accounts to have the same features as fully provisioned Adaface accounts. New Adaface accounts come with the following:

  • Agreed upon users/ employees of the client company with their respective roles/permissions .
  • Signed-up user for a free trial with super admin access.
  • Free trial assessments (decided by the Adaface team and can be changed from time to time).
  • Agreed upon assessments (check out our library of 700+ assessments).
  • Agreed upon enterprise features.
  • Agreed upon ATS integrations .
  • Client onboarding process (We offer a seamless onboarding experience for our customers to manage change management. Check out our onboarding guide).
  • Depending on the contract, a dedicated Success Manager.
  • Each account comes with agreed-upon invites and assessment credits.
  • Knowledge-base for self-paced learning.
  • Recruiters master documentation.

Account Management

Throughout the course of account management, the client is provided with all the features/ support required for seamless Adaface usage. These include,

Account deletion

We offer a way for clients to return to a free account without losing their data. This helps companies resume their state once they decide to use Adaface again. For cases, when a proper deletion is needed:

  • Contract closure
  • Data export (if applicable)
  • Data deletion
  • Feedback
  • Account closure

Customers are to route account deletion requests through their Adaface Success Manager or Once an account is deleted, we cannot retrieve any data back. It is a permanent change.