What is Talent Rediscovery?

The talent re-discovery process involves using AI-powered software to automatically filter individuals who have previously applied for a position at your organisation. It may then use your CV database connected with application tracking software to match these applicants to a current open job posting.

Advantages of using candidate re-discovery in hiring

  • Increase the overall efficiency of the recruiting cycle by automating applicant shortlisting

With rivals and other firms all competing for the top prospects, it has become challenging to identify the best candidates. However, when the recruiting volume rises, it is the recruiter's responsibility to automate the hiring process.

Recruiters can utilise a candidate re-discovery tool to speed up resumes screening and shortlist applicants to automate this process. Because of the enhanced pace in this phase, you will be able to locate and fill vacancies faster than your competitors.

  • Money spent on each recruiting cycle may be minimised

Each cycle of recruitment costs a lot of money. This results in extra money spent on sourcing and screening people, even if you already have many prospects in your database. Using these candidates via the candidate re-discovery tool would not only save a significant amount of time in the overall process but also save money on each recruiting cycle launched.

  • ATS aids in the speedier acquisition of candidates

With competition at an all-time high, ATS is sure to assist in locating the appropriate people on time. This will allow organisations to fill vacancies faster than competitors while guaranteeing they acquire just the top candidates.