Who is a Talent Acquisition Partner?

Talent acquisition partners are experts that assist businesses in finding, attracting, and hiring outstanding talent. TA partners serve as the primary point of contact for candidates and hiring managers throughout the talent acquisition life cycle, often reporting to a company's human resources department.

Recruiter vs talent acquisition partner

Let's compare the duties of a talent acquisition partner and a recruiter now. The distinction between talent acquisition partners and recruiters is subtle but significant. Recruiters are responsible for filling available vacancies in your firm. Personnel acquisition partners are concerned with the broader corporate strategy and assist in developing long-term plans to recruit and retain outstanding talent. To put it another way, talent acquisition partners serve as advisors and strategists rather than typical recruiters.

What does a talent acquisition partner do?


A talent acquisition partner will meet with you and your team to establish what attributes are most critical for success in the job you want to fill and how to connect with prospects effectively. This consultation can be via email, phone calls, or one-on-one meetings.

Planning and evaluation

Following your initial session, the talent acquisition partner will examine your company's present staff and develop a strategy to address any skill or experience gaps. They will also assist you in creating a plan for locating new workers that fits your budget and timeframe.

Engagement and branding

The talent acquisition partner will collaborate with you to develop a brand that attracts top people at all employment levels, from entry-level to executive. They will also collaborate with you to create a plan for engaging potential candidates throughout the recruiting process, from resume screening to final interviews.


A talent acquisition partner may help you publicise the position to the broadest potential audience by publishing job listings on numerous sites or connecting with employees at career fairs. They also assist in reaching out to passive applicants (people who are currently employed but looking for other opportunities).

Recruiting and selecting candidates

Candidates are recruited from various sources, including job boards, employee recommendations, and social media networks like LinkedIn. This approach will be aided by the talent acquisition partner's knowledge of recruitment strategies most effectively attract applicants with the talents your business requires.

Strategic advice

A talent acquisition partner will assist you in developing a recruiting strategy that will lead your growth over time. This might involve establishing clear goals for each role and determining how many workers will be required over time. It may also provide suggestions for ways that may be effective in locating new personnel (such as job boards).

Talent Partner Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with recruiting managers to identify personnel requirements.
  • Establish selection criteria.
  • Source candidates using internet channels (e.g. social platforms and professional networks).
  • Create interview and selection procedures, such as phone screenings, evaluations, and in-person interviews.
  • Using the Applicant Tracking System, evaluate candidate information like resumes and contact information.
  • Create job descriptions and interview questions that match the requirements of each position.
  • Be in charge of employer branding campaigns.
  • Plan and participate in job fairs and recruitment activities.
  • Estimate quarterly and yearly recruiting requirements by department.
  • Develop long-term ties with previous applicants and prospective recruits.

How to choose the right Talent Acquisition Partner for your business?

  1. A focus on the culture of your business

Effective hiring is more than just finding the ideal applicant for the job. It is also critical to recruiting personnel who are compatible with your company's brand and culture. As a result, regardless of your business's culture, a talent acquisition partner must understand your corporate values and act appropriately, ensuring that your unique values and message are transmitted at every level of the recruiting process.

  1. A thorough knowledge of your industry

A thorough grasp of your company's sector is usually beneficial. If the landscape changes, a recruiting partner up to speed on trends, issues, and projections will adjust to your company's demands.

A detailed grasp of the position and its requirements will help you find the best candidates.

The proper talent acquisition partner will take the time to understand the needs of a specific function and then find people that fulfil those needs.

  1. Reliable communication

Your talent acquisition partner is responsible for managing the applicant's life cycle, from application to the job offer. This is when excellent teamwork and clear communication with the recruiting manager comes into play. A good talent acquisition partner understands the importance of deadlines and clear communication.

  1. The proper branding

Your talent acquisition partner would also explain to potential applicants what your brand stands for. Understanding your company's culture, reputation, major differentiators from rivals, and goods and services is made possible through branding.