What is Stress Interview?

A stress interview occurs when an interviewer poses frightening or moderately unpleasant questions to observe how a potential employee behaves under pressure.

This interview allows the recruiting team to assess how a candidate handles stress, prioritises numerous critical tasks, or interacts with demanding clients. The strategies utilised in these interviews differ depending on the job the hiring team needs to fill.

Hiring teams may ask hard or perplexing questions, conduct a simulation or role-play to observe how you react in a specific circumstance or request that you complete a job to demonstrate your technical talents.

Are stress interviews helpful?


  • These interviews assist the recruiting team in determining how a prospect behaves under a problematic scenario, which indicates how the individual could function in the position.

  • This can give important information when deciding on someone to recruit.

  • Furthermore, candidates will be able to exhibit their abilities in a novel method.

  • Responding to tough inquiries with elegance and confidence demonstrates to interviewers your ability.


  • When interview participants are relaxed, and at ease, they are more willing to provide information.

  • Confrontation might make interview respondents defensive and guarded.

  • Candidates with a horrible interview experience with your firm are more likely to tell other potential candidates about it, giving your organisation a bad reputation.

The most common stress interview questions

Because the interviewer wants to examine how you react in a stressful scenario, they may offer unusual or unusual interview questions. They are intended to generate a reaction to demonstrate your ability to perform under pressure from the interviewer.

Typical questions

  • Why were you let go from your previous job?

  • Are you interviewing with any other companies?

  • What would you do if you discovered a coworker misusing supplies?

  • How would you handle unjustified criticism from a boss?

  • How did you handle disagreements with your boss?

  • How many other positions have you applied for?

  • How would you react if a customer humiliated you in front of your coworkers?

  • How do you see this interview progressing so far?

Where are stress interviews used?

Stress interviews are more common in some sectors than others and some jobs more than others. For example, the stress your IT staff is subjected to is very different from the stress your customer service team is subjected to.

Where are stress interviews utilised the most?

  • Speculative banking

  • Medical professions

  • Negotiating with a high-value customer

  • Management and consulting professions

  • Air travel

  • Financial services

  • Law enforcement

  • Technology professions

  • High-pressure sales

Entire sectors or enterprises may never use stress interviews since the most stressful circumstance they ever face is a sluggish quarter or an approaching deadline. Others deal with high-stress cases regularly and require detailed knowledge of how their prospects handle stress.