What is Observation Interview?

An observation interview involves passively observing an employee's implementation of daily duties. Employees' abilities, knowledge, firm characteristics, and possible inadequacies may be objectively identified while performing their work.

Internally, an observation interview might be used. HR professionals will typically use this procedure when evaluating someone's qualifications for a promotion.

By having a spectator adopt a passive stance, management may gain information about employee performance, emotions, stresses, and overall happiness.

Types of observational interviews:

  1. Direct observation: the interviewee is aware that they are being watched and evaluated. Direct observations are classified into two types:

a) Continual monitoring: It necessitates continuous observation of the individual's behaviour or body language.

b) Time allocation: it permits a researcher to randomly choose a location and time of observation.

  1. Unobtrusive observation: when the interviewee is unaware that they are being watched during the interview.