What is First Impression Error?

First Impression Error is a cognitive bias that refers to the tendency to form an opinion about someone based on first impressions. First impressions are often based on superficial factors such as appearance, body language, and tone of voice. This bias can lead to inaccurate judgments and decisions about others.

Implications of the First Impression Error in recruitment

The First Impression Error can have a number of implications in recruitment. For instance, a candidate who appears to be confident and articulate in an interview may be judged more favourably than a candidate who is more nervous or introverted. This bias can lead to recruiters making snap judgments about candidates that may not be accurate. Additionally, the First Impression Error can result in candidates who are not the most qualified for the role being hired simply because they made a good first impression.

Ways to eliminate the first impression error

  1. Be aware of your own tendencies to form first impressions.
  2. Try to take a step back and see the person as a whole, rather than just based on first impressions.
  3. Seek out information that goes beyond superficial factors.
  4. Give everyone a fair chance and don't let first impressions cloud your judgment.
  5. Take your time in making decisions about candidates.
  6. Use structured interviews that focus on qualifications and skills.
  7. Avoid making decisions about candidates based on gut feelings.
  8. Use a diverse panel of interviewers to get different perspectives.
  9. Collect feedback from multiple sources before making a decision.
  10. Give all candidates an equal opportunity to shine in an interview by asking the same questions and allowing each person the same amount of time to answer.