What is Employment History?

An individual's employment history comprises a record of all past jobs. Employment history will typically contain each job had, as well as facts about that work, such as the length of employment and job description. Most job applications ask applicants to indicate their previous career history. This information may be used to evaluate the experience and talents of a potential hire.

In rare cases, an employer may use this information to contact previous employers to confirm employment or to conduct a background check. Work history is another term for employment history.

What information is included in Employment History?

  • Companies for which an Individual has worked
  • Job Roles held
  • Employment dates
  • Salary/compensation information

Importance of checking Employment History

A detailed job history may reveal a lot about a potential employee's background. When studying someone's work history, check for things like:

  • Time gaps between employment.
  • Short-term employment (less than one year).
  • Inconsistencies in pay levels.

While the candidate may have perfectly acceptable answers for all of the above, these items may also be a red flag indicating a lack of dedication or excitement for their work. Above all, thorough job history is the final confirmation of an individual's expertise and skills.