What is Candidate Funnel?

The candidate funnel is one of those marketing-inspired concepts. In marketing, the "buyer journey" tracks incoming clients from the initial point of contact to the delighted customer.

Take a look at the funnel mode in terms of the candidate's experience.

  • First, there is awareness. This symbolises the funnel's initial stage. The applicant is in one of two scenarios at this point. They are either ready to apply and will enter your pipeline immediately as an active applicant, or they are passive job seekers who will remain in this stage for several months. The way you approach the two will undoubtedly differ, but this is your initial point of contact.

  • Then starts consideration. The most critical step in the candidate's journey. This is the point at which the potential candidate chooses to apply actively. They've done their homework, appreciate what they see in your information about your employer brand and employee value offer, and are ready to join.

  • The funnel's final stage is that of decision. This is the candidate's final and most demanding stage. Constant updates and check-in emails demonstrate your involvement and remind prospective applicants of why they appreciate your employer's brand and corporate culture in the first place. Don't let them down by leaving them out of the loop."

How you should create your candidate funnel.

**Respect is the name of the game here.

Candidate experience is quite essential. As a result, you must demonstrate that you value your candidates' time, efforts, and abilities. You will not only increase your value in their eyes, but you will also see returns in higher quality applications, employee loyalty, and ROI on your entire hiring process.

How do you show this respect? With touch points along the procedure.

  • The first step is awareness.

Respect begins while your candidate is still a passive job seeker. At this time, you must be mindful of your social media presence. Interact with your followers, respond to offensive comments, and remain vigilant and aware of these people.

A detailed description of your company brand without being loud or excited. Make sure that your material is relevant. This material will entice potential candidates to leave comments, re-post, like, and share it with their friends.

Your initial point of contact is how you respond to these interactions. Respectfully thank them for their shares, react to their comments, and answer their questions.

  • Remember to be genuine.

Don't just say, "Thank you for your comment," and go on. They said, "Call out something helpful." Alternatively, ask them a question. Your audience will most likely reply if you do this in a conversational tone. This is also an opportunity to demonstrate your talents to others. And also, some potential flaws may help you if they come to work for you.

  • Consideration.

This is possibly the most significant point in the candidate funnel. Your candidate has determined they enjoy what you offer and is seeking new opportunities—reading over your company's LinkedIn reviews before applying.

The idea here is to maintain contact. These points of contact guarantee that these people are aware of what is happening behind the scenes. They have a right to know what the status of their application is as candidates. If there are delays, inform them, and set and manage expectations early, so the candidate knows what to anticipate. It also allows you to alert them of any adjustments in those expectations if an issue arises, demonstrating that you value their time.

  • Decision.

Nothing is more frustrating in the application process than believing an interview went well, only to never hear from the firm again. This extends the contact points from the funnel's centre and shows candidates that they are still essential and that you understand the stress this procedure causes them. The touchpoints are essentially identical to the previous ones. Inform them if there are any delays in making a decision.

Tell them if it will take a few more days because someone is out of town. If someone else wishes to meet them, let them know as soon as possible so they can put it on their schedule.

Treat your candidates as though they are a priority, and they will get a sense of how you will treat them after they are employed. That concludes today's bites, in which you learned that the funnel model is a beautiful method to outline your candidate's journey from the initial contact through your contact marketing activities to a delighted recruit. The goal is to be in touch with your applicants throughout the process to respect their time, energy, and talents.