What is an appointment letter?

An appointment letter, also known as an employment offer letter, is an official written document sent by an employer to a job candidate selected for employment. It's a formal communication mechanism that confirms that the candidate has been offered a position in the organization and outlines the key terms and conditions of the employment.

The appointment letter generally includes specific information such as the job title, salary, starting date, work schedule, reporting structure, nature of the position (whether permanent, contract, or temporary), benefits, and any other terms or prerequisites of employment. It also typically contains a clause indicating that the candidate's employment will be subject to the company's rules and regulations.

What is the significance of an appointment letter?

The significance of an appointment letter lies in its legal validity. It serves as a legally binding document between the company and the employee, stating the terms and conditions of the job. It protects both the employee's rights and the company's interests.

What should an appointment letter contain?

An appointment letter should contain necessary details such as the full name and address of the employee, job title, department, salary details, date of commencement, reporting structure, working hours, employment type, company rules and regulations, confidentiality agreement if any, and a clause for termination of employment. It must be written in a clear and precise manner to avoid any ambiguity.

What is the difference between an appointment letter and an offer letter?

An offer letter is a formal document sent to a candidate who has been selected for employment, outlining the basic terms of the proposed job. An appointment letter, on the other hand, is a more formal and legally binding document sent after the candidate has accepted the offer, providing a detailed outline of the job's terms and conditions.