Email Template for Video Interview Invitation

The video interview invitation email is a minor but critical step in the recruiting process that may significantly influence the applicant experience. Choosing the correct interview email template for your team to communicate with potential applicants may significantly increase candidates involved in the recruiting process.

Try out the email templates below and use the top hiring advice we've provided for your recruiting process. You'll see a significant boost in your ability to retain high-quality prospects.

When inviting a candidate to a video interview:

  • Make sure the subject line clearly states the purpose of the email. If this is unclear, the applicants will not open the email
  • Declare the objective
  • Provide all of the facts in the video interview invitation email that will help applicants understand how to participate in the interview

Video Interview Invitation Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Interview Invitation - [company name] for [job role].

Dear [candidate name],

Thank you for applying online for the position of [role] at [company name] using the Job description link. After reviewing your application, we'd like to invite you to a Zoom interview.

You will have the opportunity to learn more about the role and our company during the interview. The interview should last around an hour.

Please go to Interview Scheduling and follow the instructions to pick and reserve an interview appointment in the coming weeks.

If you have any problems scheduling the interview, please email us at [email], and we will respond as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

[name and position of the sender]

Video Interview Invitation Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Video interview invitation.

Hello [candidate name],

I appreciate your interest in the position of [position].

We believe in equitable access and recognising individuals for who they are and what they bring to the table rather than their resumes. We would like to ask you to participate in a video interview.

We aim to learn what makes you distinctive, as any interviewer would. By completing a video interview, you demonstrate to us that a fair hiring process is essential to you. Furthermore, you will be able to get faster feedback from us.

[insert link to video interview]

I eagerly await your response,

Best wishes,

[name and position of the sender]