This is a cold email template that you may use to find veterans for available positions at your organization. When recruiting veterans for an open position at your firm, use this email template. This veterans sourcing email template is readily customizable to fit your company's culture.

Veteran applicants can also be identified at military career fairs and college networking events where veterans and service members continue their academics.

For European applicants, please see the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, instructions on utilizing social media for recruiting and collecting candidate information.


  • This email should describe how you discovered them and why you contacted them. Also, prepare a list of personal information you may include in your email, as personalization is essential for persuading the individual to apply.
  • The email should be written respectfully and be appreciative of the receiver's services to the country.
  • The email should consist of the position you want them to apply for. Tell them what the job is in the first two phrases. Also, don't forget to include why they'd be a good fit. Make them want to apply and sell them on their candidacy.
  • The email should consist of any advantages that come with the job (e.g. training, college tuition assistance, travel reimbursement).
  • The email should contain the next step in the process. If you wish to organize a formal phone interview, give them a range of dates and times to choose from.

Sourcing Veteran Candidates Email Template Sample 1

Subject Line: [company name] seeks a [job title].

Hello [candidate's name],

I am [sender name, job title] at [company name]. I saw your profile on [site/ or I obtained your résumé from [the source] and was impressed by your military achievements. We are grateful for your service to the country and wish to express our appreciation for your bravery.

We are continuously searching for competent and passionate individuals to work with at [company name]. We currently have an opportunity for a [job title and include JD link] that may interest you.

If you're interested, we invite you to apply, and I'd love to set up a phone meeting to discuss additional facts about the role.

What are your plans for this week? (include dates/ time slots). Please respond as soon as possible so we can schedule a meeting that works for both of us.


(sender name)

Sourcing Veteran Candidates Email Template Sample 2

Subject Line: New open role at [company name and job title].

Hello, [candidate name],

My name is [your name], and I work at [company name] as the [job title].

I saw your profile on [website or social network] / I obtained your résumé through [source] and was impressed by your military achievements [cite achievement or skill that impressed you]. Thank you for your service to the country!

We at [company name] are constantly seeking talented and motivated employees, and we presently have an opportunity for a [job title and add a link to the JD].

Your abilities to lead from the front and handle challenging situations will be a valuable addition to your firm. We provide [offers and training sessions] to assist new employees in adjusting and setting them up for success.

I'd want to tell you a little bit more about the job title] position and learn a little bit about you as well. Are you available [include a specific date and time]? If so, please get in touch with me. If you like, I can also discuss the job via email.

I wish you a pleasant day.


(sender name)