Marketing jobs are among the most popular on the internet. You may use these cold email templates to find marketers to fill an available position at your company.

This 'sourcing marketing candidates' email templates are readily customizable to support a more severe or informal tone and your corporate culture. Use these templates to create attractive emails that will save time and improve your odds of receiving responses.


  • This email should describe how you discovered them and why you contacted them. Also, prepare a list of personal information you may include in your email, as personalization is essential for persuading the individual to apply.
  • The email should consist of the position you want them to apply for. Tell them what the job is in the first two phrases. Also, don't forget to include why they'd be a good fit. Make them want to apply and sell them on their candidacy.
  • The email should include any advantages that come with the job (e.g. training, college tuition assistance, travel reimbursement).
  • The email should contain the next step in the process. If you wish to organize a formal phone interview, give them a range of dates and times to choose from.

Sourcing Marketing Candidates Email Template Sample 1

Subject Line: [job title] job opportunity at [company].

[Name of Candidate],

My name is [your name], and I work at [business name] as the [job title].

I checked your LinkedIn profile and was particularly intrigued by your expertise in [insert marketing function, such as product marketing, etc.].

I was delighted to see [insert specific achievement that piqued your attention]. We're looking for a [job title - provide the link to job description] to join our team on [insert marketing-related project].

If you're interested, we invite you to apply, and I'd love to set up a phone meeting to discuss additional facts about the role.

What are your plans for this week? (include dates/ time slots). Please respond as soon as possible so we can schedule a meeting that works for both of us.


(sender name)

Sourcing Marketing Candidates Email Template Sample 2

Subject Line: [Company] has openings for [job title] that may interest you?

Hello, [candidate name],

My name is [your name], and I work at [company name] as the [job title].

I received your résumé [source] and was pleased by your accomplishments and growth at your current firm. We at [business name] constantly work to enhance our marketing efforts and build relationships with our clients.

We presently have a job opening for [job title - add the link to job description] and would want to recruit someone who can [e.g., effectively position our product in the market].

What are your plans for this week? I'd love to tell you more about this and get to know you better. Suggest [include dates/time slots] for an introductory call.


(sender name)