Use this template to send out Skype interview invitation emails to candidates. Personalize it according to your requirements, and inquire about candidates' availability for a Skype interview. Provide applicants with some open days and times that work for you. Many firms conduct Skype interviews to test candidates before inviting them to an in-person interview.

When inviting a candidate to a Skype interview:

  • Make sure the subject line clearly states the purpose of the email. If this is unclear, the applicants will not open the email
  • Declare the objective
  • Provide all of the facts in the Skype interview invitation email that will help applicants understand how to participate in the interview

Skype Interview Invitation Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Skype Interview Availability for [position name] with [company name].

Good day [candidate name],

Thank you for applying to our firm for the post of [position name]. After reviewing your resume, we would like to proceed with the interview process through Skype.

Here are our suggestions for time slots.

[Day 1, Time 1]

[Day 2, Time 2]

[Day 3, Time 3]

Please respond to this email with your chosen option so that we may schedule the interview accordingly. We will provide you with the video conferencing invitation once we get your confirmation.

We look forward to continuing to work with you on this.


[sender name and designation]

Skype Interview Invitation Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Skype interview invitation.

Dear [name of candidate],

We at [business name] are delighted to inform you that you have been chosen for an interview at our company. We want to set up a Skype conference with you to discuss your application for the [job title].

We'd also want to tell you more about ourselves while getting to know you better.

Please remember that I'll need your Skype account information to set up this video chat before the interview date.

I eagerly await your response.



[recruiter name and designation]