You can utilise a second interview invitation email to connect with applicants during the interview process. If you wish to do a second interview, you may use email to invite your applicant to set up a time and date with the relevant hiring manager. Email may be a helpful way to arrange your correspondence, give an easily read list of available days and times, and include any additional participants in your email thread when organising a second interview.

Writing a second interview invitation email is crucial in advancing a candidate's application. We define second interview invitation emails in this post, describe how to compose one, and provide a template.

Second Interview Confirmation Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Invitation to a second interview at [business name].

Greetings [candidate name],

Thank you for taking the time to consider the [job title] opportunity with [business name]. We appreciated learning more about you and appreciate you taking the time to share your credentials.

We want to invite you to a second interview with [interviewer name], our [interviewer's job title]. The discussion will last around [interview time] and will take place [over the phone, through video chat, or in the office].

The hours and days below fit with [name of interviewer's] schedule. Kindly let me know which of the following choice works best for you:

[Option 1: Date and Time]

[Option 2: Date and Time]

If none of these possibilities works for you, please let me know, and I will offer you an alternate set of time slots.

Thank you once again for your cooperation, and I hope to hear from you soon.

[sender name and position]

Second Interview Confirmation Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Invitation to a second interview for the open post of [role] with [business name].

Dear [name of candidate],

Thank you for attending the initial interview. We are glad to notify you that you have been chosen for the second interview based on your initial introduction.

We would like you to meet us at [office address] for the interview. [name] will meet with you for an interview that will take about [minutes or hours].

Are you available on [date and time, or range of dates and times]? Please let us know if these times and dates do not work for you.

We are excited to see you again for the interview.


[recruiter's name and position]