Before the recruiting process begins, use this intake meeting email template to request a phone call or in-person meeting with hiring managers. Use this as a chance to get everyone on the same page immediately. Provide recruiting managers with advance notice of what they should prepare, such as job descriptions or interview questions.

Straightforward communication between recruiters and hiring managers is essential to hiring success. This alignment may make or break your recruiting efforts; therefore, both sides must collaborate as soon as possible in the hiring process to ensure everyone is on the same page. In this case, intake meetings come into play.

What exactly is an intake meeting?

An intake meeting is essentially a kick-off or requirements gathering session between the recruiter and the hiring manager at the beginning of the employment process. They are early negotiations between both parties with the goal of:

  • Set objectives for the recruiting process
  • Determine the optimal applicant profile
  • Examine job requirements
  • Choose a job title and pay range
  • Establish hiring phases and touchpoints
  • Discuss sourcing methods

Requesting an Intake Meeting Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Can we set up an intake meeting for the [job role] position?

Greetings [hiring manager name],

Before it becomes available, could we arrange a meeting to review the requirements and applicant profiles for the [job title] post?

I'd want to go through the essentials of the position and how we should continue with the hiring process.

Here are some of the details I'll need:

  • Role type
  • Salary range
  • Role responsibilities
  • Requirements
  • Evaluation methods

Also, please let me know if you already have someone in mind for this job so I can contact them.

To get started, I've included a job description template [that we've used in the past for a similar role].

Feel free to make changes as needed. If you like, we may go through it together at the meeting.

[Please let me know which of the following time slots you prefer, and I will give you a calendar invite:]

[List all available times]

If this does not work for you, please let me know what does, and we will find a time that works for everyone.

Thank you very much.

[sender name]