Some of the best employees are hired through referrals. Referring someone with the relevant abilities for an available employment position saves companies time and money in the hiring process.

To promote employee recommendations, use this Refer a friend for a job email template. This email might be used to communicate about your employee referral programme. You might also receive some inspiration for creating your employee referral programme.

Referring a Friend for a Job Email Template Checklist:

  • Ensure that the employee does not harm your company's reputation once employed.
  • Before sending a recommendation email, confirm with your HR department that the employment opening is still open.
  • Gain some basic understanding of the job's tasks and assess if the suggested individual is qualified for the position.
  • Explain how you know them and when you first met them.
  • Try to highlight two or three critical abilities of the suggested individual that are relevant to the job vacancy.
  • Mention their contact information, which should be consistent with their résumé.

Referring a Friend for a Job Email Template Sample 1

Subject Line: Recommendation

Hello, [recipient name]

I hope everything is going well for you. I wanted to contact out and see if you have any openings in your organization. I was thinking about you since I have a friend [name] who is seeking a new opportunity.

[Friend name] is a hardworking individual with excellent communication skills and vast field expertise. They would be beneficial to your firm. Please let me know if you have any openings!


[sender name]

Referring a Friend for a Job Email Template Sample 2

Subject Line: Refer a Friend for [job title]

Greetings [HR name],

While you're interviewing applicants for the [job title], If you are taking recommendations, I'd like to recommend a friend of mine, [friend name]. They should apply within the following week.

I know [friend name] is a hard worker since I worked with them at a previous job for five years. They are always on time and complete tasks ahead of schedule. They also take the initiative to identify and complete tasks. They always addressed consumers with respect.

They never lost their cool, even while dealing with tough calls. They always treated everyone with dignity and worked hard to achieve their daily objectives. As a result, they were routinely recognized as a "Top Achiever."

I believe [friend name] is an excellent contender for this post. They would also be willing to commit to any training that may be necessary for this position. Please let me know if you have any queries concerning the role of [friend name].

Yours sincerely,

[sender name]