Text Recruiting is an efficient and current method of attracting and hiring job seekers. Text messages may be used at every stage of the recruitment process, including screening, scheduling, follow-up, re-engagement, onboarding, and more.


  • Obtain authorization
  • Keep it brief, legal, and on-brand
  • Make it unique
  • SMS may be used to organize interviews
  • After the initial phone screen, use text messaging
  • Use SMS messaging to receive a quick answer
  • Send SMS in the same manner in which you would like to receive them
  • Avoid sending long SMS
  • Never deliver a message that might be readily misconstrued
  • Never dismiss a candidate by text message

Sourcing Talent Through Text Message

Hello (candidate name},

I noticed your profile on (the website where the candidate was identified) and was pleasantly surprised!

We are looking for a (position) role at my firm's company name. Would you be willing to talk about it?


(sender name)

Following Up on Referrals Through Text Message

Hello (referral name),

My name is (sender name), and I work for (company name). Your acquaintance (the person who introduced the candidate) mentioned that you would be interested in our (job). When would you be available to discuss the position?

Have a good day!

Inviting an Applicant to a Job Interview Through Text Message

Good day [candidate name],

I'm looking forward to meeting you. Here are the instructions to our office [map url] for your interview tomorrow. Kindly let me know if you require anything else.


[sender name]

Dear [candidate name],

We look forward to catching up with you tomorrow at [time]. Allow an additional 10-15 minutes to get here because traffic is typically busy around your interview time.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or issues you may have.


[sender name]

Send a Follow-up Text Message After an Interview

Hello [candidate name],

Thank you for coming to today's interview. It was a joy to meet you finally. Keep an eye on your email; I'll give you the post-interview task suggested during the interview at the end of the week.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Have a fantastic day!

To Reschedule an Interview, Send the Following SMS

Hello [candidate name],

Due to [reason], we will have to postpone your interview.

Are you available on [time] instead? Please let me know soon so we can schedule an interview.

If this does not suit you, please let us know if you have a preferred day or time this week. Kindly accept my apologies for the trouble this has caused you.

Use this SMS Message to Contact a Former Candidate

Good day [candidate name],

My name is [sender name], and I work for [business name]. This week, we're hosting a career fair on (day/date/time). We'd love to catch up with you there to discuss our new vacancies.

Please let me know if you're interested, and I'll send you further details through email.

Have a fantastic day!