A pay rise can be communicated effectively with a letter or email from an employee's management. The email is a helpful communication tool if it supplements a pay increase discussion with the employee's leadership, which should always accompany a salary raise.

The email reaffirms the manager's conversation with the employee when he found out about the compensation rise. The email aims to highlight the employee's excellent contributions to the workplace.

The raise email serves as written evidence of the pay increase. Employees who receive these emails have a sense that they are appreciated.

The following are the elements to writing a successful raise mail:

  • Understand what to include in a raise letter
  • Create an outline for your letter
  • Address the letter to the employee
  • Write a quick introduction
  • Compose the body of the letter
  • Finish with a brief conclusion
  • Edit and proofread the letter

Here's what all you could include in your email:

  • Inform them of the compensation increase
  • Explain why the employee deserves the raise (consistent, high-quality work, project performance, etc.)
  • Mention future expectations briefly (without putting unnecessary pressure on the employee)
  • Discuss the employee's career path and whether the salary rise correlates to increasing responsibilities or tasks

Pay Increase Letter to Employee Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Salary Increment Letter on Performance.

Dear [employee last name]:

You've been in your new role at [company name] for [number] years. You have given your all to our business.

You have also demonstrated a constructive approach toward management and your coworkers. According to our observations, [state specific positive performance that improves the business].

As a result, [state more good reasons/data demonstrating the employee's contribution]. As a result, we'd like to praise you for your outstanding performance. We are glad to increase your salary as of [date/month/year]. Your current monthly pay is [number].

Your monthly salary will be [number] beginning on the date mentioned above. We appreciate your hard work and upbeat attitude.


[sender name and designation]

Pay Increase Letter to Employee Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Your revised salary.

Dear [candidate name],

This letter is your formal notification that your basic pay will rise from [number] to [number] effective [date]. Check with HR to determine how much your paycheck will depend on your selected deductions and other options.

As I indicated during our meeting on [date or day of discussion], you are getting this raise because [list one or two good reasons]. Furthermore, your contribution has risen due to your commitment to furthering your leadership abilities.

[Add more reasons for the raise].

This is a well-deserved pay raise. I want to personally thank you for all of this, but especially for your unwavering loyalty and dedication to our company's success.


[sender name and designation]