It is challenging to locate exceptional prospects to fill your available position, and it is much more difficult to persuade great candidates to respond to your cold recruitment email, especially if they are satisfied in their present role.

This is a cold email template that you may use to find passive applicants for an open position or to fill hard-to-fill positions in your firm. Use this template to create informative and engaging emails that will save you time and increase your chances of receiving a good response. You may modify this passive applicant email template to maintain a more official or informal tone that is consistent with your corporate culture.

Passive Candidates Email Template Checklist:

  • Before you invite them to reapply to your organization, compare their qualifications to the applicant persona to guarantee they'd be a good fit.
  • Personalize your subject line and body content to approach applicants to boost the likelihood that they will open and reply to your emails.
  • The body of the email should always have a brief description of the firm and further information about the vacant position.
  • The email should consist of the position you want them to apply for. Tell them what the job is in the first two phrases. Also, don't forget to include why they'd be a good fit. Make them want to apply and sell them on their candidacy.
  • The email may encourage the candidate to read about your Employee Value Propositions and tales about why your workers enjoy working for you.
  • The email should consist of any advantages that come with the job (e.g. training, college tuition assistance, travel reimbursement).
  • The email should contain the next step in the process. If you wish to organize a formal phone interview, give them a range of dates and times to choose from.

Passive Candidates Email Template Sample 1

Subject Line: Would you want to join our team at [sender company]?

I am [sender name], and I work at [sender firm name]. I checked your profile on [job board/website] and was pleased with your talents and expertise in [name the candidate's valuable skill].

We're presently seeking a [job title] to join our incredible team, and I believe you'd be a perfect fit. We're currently working on exciting initiatives like [project description], and I thought you'd be interested.

Please get in touch with me if this is anything that interests you.

Have an excellent rest of your day, and I look forward to hearing from you.

[sender name]

Passive Candidates Email Template Sample 2

Subject Line: Would you be interested in this role?

Hello, [candidate first name],

I hope you're having a wonderful [day of the week]!

[Sender name] here at [sender company], and I work on the talent acquisition team. I came across your profile earlier this week while looking for some fantastic [candidate job title] talent in [candidate present city]. You have an impressive history – I admire [candidate current job title] from [present candidate employer].

I understand that [candidate present employer] is a fantastic firm and that you may not be actively seeking a new position at present. However, if you're interested in learning more about [sender company], I believe you'll be impressed with what we have to offer.

If I don't hear from you here, I'll attempt to give you a brief call about midday on [day of the week]. Of course, if there is a time that works better for your schedule, please respond quickly, and I would gladly accommodate.

I'm excited to chat with you!


[sender name]