An employment letter is about more than just the income promised; it is also about the benefits and how the offer letter is structured and presented. An offer letter should also outline the responsibilities of the post that a person has ultimately been chosen for after a lengthy procedure.

After all the hiring processes and conversations are completed, a job offer is presented. A job offer is often conveyed through mail or as an attachment to the mail. The last document is given to the potential candidate for signature.

When giving a job offer to your best applicants, use this free job offer letter template.

What is in a Job Offer Letter?

A job offer letter should include:

  • Set the terms of employment
  • Clarify the company's expectations
  • Specify what the candidate should anticipate
  • If there are any "contingent to" conditions, define them
  • Describe the pay and benefits offered
  • Indicate the commencement date and time
  • Specify working hours, such as fixed, flexible, and overtime
  • Indicate the deadline for a response
  • Mention the expiration date of the promotion
  • Confirm that this is exclusive and official employment
  • Provide specific information on how to accept the offer
  • Provide contact information in case the candidate has any queries

Job Offer Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Your application for the post of [job title] at [company name].

Dear [name of applicant],

[Company Name] is delighted to welcome you as [job title].

We're only a few formalities away from getting started. Please go through our official offer carefully. It contains critical information regarding your salary, benefits, and the terms of your regular employment with [company Name].

[Company Name] is giving you a [full-time, part-time, etc.] position as [job title] at [workplace location], reporting to [immediate manager/supervisor] and beginning on [recommended start date]. The expected hours of work are [weekdays and hours of work].

We're also providing [if relevant, details of your bonus, profit sharing, commission structure, stock options, and compensation committee guidelines] as part of your remuneration.

As a [company name] employee, you will be entitled to [briefly name benefits such as health insurance, stock plan, dental insurance, and so on].

Please sign and date this agreement on or by [offer expiry date] to confirm your agreement with these terms and accept this offer.


[Name and designation of the sender]

Job Offer Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Your application for the post of [job title] at [company name].

Dear [name of candidate],

We are delighted to offer you the [job title] position at [company name]. We feel that your abilities and expertise will be beneficial to our organisation. According to the company's policies, you are entitled to all regular perks.

The basic pay will be credited in monthly instalments of [amount]. As part of the package, you are entitled to [number of days] of sick leave—[Include any other benefits here].

Simply sign and date this offer letter and respond to this email, and we will consider your acceptance! We'd love to have you at our office!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at [email] or phone me.


[Name and designation of the sender]