Use this interview no-show email template to contact applicants who failed to appear for their scheduled interview without rescheduling to see whether they are still interested in the position. Sometimes applicants fail to show up for their planned interview without informing you or providing a reason in a follow-up email.

Applicants may have missed their interview for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They might have misinterpreted the date or time.
  • They may have had an emergency that prevented them from informing you of the scheduling change.
  • They may have accepted another employment offer.

Interview No-Show Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Interview No-Show.

Dear [candidate name],

This email is to discuss the rescheduling of your interview. This is to advise you that we had arranged an interview at our offices for today at [time], but you could not attend. You might have a valid reason for declining this interview. I hope everything is well.

Could you please let us know if you are still interested in the [insert job description] position at [company name]? If so, we can reschedule the interview.

Otherwise, I will delete your information from our database and submit that you are not interested in this employment opportunity at [company name]. Please confirm that you received this email and notify us of any changes.

Warm regards,

[sender name]

Interview No-show Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Missed interview at [company name] for [job role] post.

Dear [candidate name],

We missed seeing you today. We had planned an interview with you for [time] today in our office/via video conference. We hope everything is going well for you.

Our hiring is still ongoing, so please let us know if you are still interested in the position so we can reschedule the interview.

If you are interested, please send us a follow-up email, and we can discuss suitable interview dates and times.


[sender name]