Emails with interview feedback are used to create a candidate experience for those who have reached the final stage of the recruitment process.

Use these email templates to tell the candidate how they might improve for their next job application or to congratulate the successful candidates. Additionally, providing this feedback to candidates will enhance their confidence and may create prospects for future references.

What should it include?

  • Avoid employing discriminatory phrases, which may get you in legal trouble
  • Emphasise traits that candidates may improve
  • Communicate your criticism openly and honestly. If you are not taking any more applications, you might urge the individual to apply again or wish them luck

Interview Feedback to Candidates Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Congratulations on being shortlisted for [Job Title] with [Company Name].

Dear [Name of Candidate],

Thank you so much for speaking with us about the open [Job Title] position. We have completed all of our interviews.

I am pleased to inform you that we have assessed that you are the best applicant for this position on behalf of [Company Name].

We want to invite you to a meeting with our CEO [name of CEO] to go through the specifics of the role being offered. You can clear up any questions or concerns about the role and its obligations.


[Name and designation of the sender]

Interview Feedback to Candidates Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Your interview with [company name] for [job title].

Hello [first name of candidate],

Thank you for applying for our [job title] at [company name]. We regret to tell you that we have chosen to seek a different candidate for this position.

[Mention a trait you liked about the prospect] pleased our staff here at [company name]. However, we seek someone who [mention a quality the candidate lacks but can improve on] as our ideal candidate.

We will retain a record of your résumé, so please apply and contact us if you feel you are qualified for a future available position.

Best wishes,

[Name and designation of the sender]